Our Services

General and Community Nursing


Brightstar plus are one of the most recognised names for the supply of General Ward and Community nurses throughout the UK.

We supply general nursing shifts throughout UK, but wherever you want to work, we will be able to give you numerous options.

Whether you are a full time agency nurse wanting long term, secure work or someone looking to top up their current hours with flexible, ad hoc shifts, being registered with Brightstar plus will give you what you need.

Our relationships with NHS Trusts and private clients are built on strong foundations, which enable us to deliver secure and regular work to our nurses.

Keeping you in work is not just our aim, it is what drives us. The trust and reassurance that develops from working with one dedicated consultant week in, week out who knows you and your needs is the reason the vast majority of our nurses only give their availability to us and stay with us for the long term. We help you manage all aspects around your rota and pay so you have more time and energy to focus on the hard work you put in on the wards, and your home life!