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Midwives are there before, during and after a child's birth to guide the mother through the process and provide support where needed. Midwives visit expectant and new mothers in their home, at clinics and hospitals to ensure that mother and child are receiving the best care.
Every birth is different and you have to determine what care is right for your patients at every stage. From providing advice if the mother has any concerns to parental support following the birth, you are a big part of this little person's life. For a concerned mother and father, you're there to comfort and reassure as much as to give expert medical care.
Whether this is your first position or you have years of experience and want a new challenge, our agency staff take the time to find the role where you can push yourself. Our consultants are dedicated to finding midwives who are fully compliant and training those with potential.
At Brightstar Plus Healthcare Agency we pride ourselves on the strong relationships we build with all our clients, which enable us to deliver what our clients require and keep the promises we make.

Our dedicated team have strong industry experience and can provide a range of individually tailored workforce solutions, from fully staffing a new service with permanent employees to providing a fully managed relief panel to cover last minute and planned absences.