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A&E Nurses


A&E nurses are the people who assess a patient's condition on arrival at hospital and decide what treatment is best to relieve their pain. The Accident and Emergency department is always busy but emergency nurses are the ones who determine what is wrong with a patient and give them the care they need.
People come into A&E with potentially life threatening conditions, so accident and emergency nurses must have a broad medical knowledge and be able to ask the right questions. You'll need to balance speed and sensitivity when instructing your colleagues about the right course of treatment without causing any further distress to the patient.

As a nursing agency we pride ourselves on going the extra mile for our dedicated A&E nurses. We understand that having the right people in this high pressured role has never been so important, which is why we help A&E nurses through training sessions and are always on hand for advice.
If you've got the level head to make life changing decisions then why not browse the accident and emergency nurse roles below? We can help you find your dream role on 07389064632 or email info@brightstarplus.com