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Mental Health Nurses


By combining clinical nursing, detailed knowledge and empathy, mental health nurses work within the most complex area of all - the human mind. They plan and provide therapeutic remedies to emotional and behavioural difficulties, working to identify and resolve issues.

Whether helping people with ADHD, personality disorders or neuroses, your work as a mental health nurse will revolve around being attentive and objective. In most cases, you will be meeting patients in outpatient departments and local clinics to apply treatments that could include psychotherapy, cognitive behavioural therapy or other methods. Every consultant in our agency appreciates the importance of building up trust and a full understanding.

Since 2005 we have helped to pair doctors and nurses with suitable healthcare providers. We know that the healthcare industry is unlike any other sector and only place people where they are sure to make a difference. Because we care, we are available 24/7 to discuss your career and the permutations

As a nurse, you have dedicated your life to helping others, but we're here to help you. Our current mental health nursing opportunities can be found below, but email info@brightstarplus.comor call 07389064632if you have anything you'd like to discuss.