Healthcare Assistant


£9.50 - £14.75 p/h

Working in the Inpatients Ward the HCA is to support the professional staff with the overall responsibility for all the patients on the ward.


a) To work effectively as a team member in providing and facilitating a high standard of
nursing, social and rehabilitative support in the unit or in the community.
b) Under the supervision of a qualified practitioner, participate in planned treatment
activities taking account of the fluctuating needs of the patient.
c) To report variances in a patient's condition immediately to a relevant professional.
d) Ensure Patient's physical environment is maintained e.g. Warmth, cleanliness.
e) To undertake nursing tasks under the direction of a qualified practitioner i.e. prompting
medication, catheter care, temperature taking, basic wound care, blood sugar
monitoring, stoma care.
f) To undertake Therapy tasks under the supervision of a qualified Therapist. This may
include supervising exercise programmes, teaching use of equipment, teaching kitchen
skill, supervising walking inside and out, stair practice.
g) To undertake further training to gain skills and knowledge in specific clinical areas e.g.
h) To support and encourage patients to undertake domestic tasks necessary to
return/remain at home i.e. laundry, shopping.
i) To encourage patients to return to social activities when appropriate and facilitate them
to achieve this.
j) To work with other team members to maintain adequate nutrition.
k) To assist the qualified practitioner with home assessments and goal setting.
l) To instruct in the use of prescribed daily living equipment if necessary and practice it's
safe use with the patient.

GCSEs (or equivalent)

This is position is no longer available

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